A modern jewel
in the heart of
the old town

Europe’s first House of Fragrances and Flavours deserves an exceptional building.

In 2019, the Berlin-based architecture firm Anderhalten won the competition for the House of Fragrances and Flavours. The result is a building that both reflects the history of the city and represents a forward-looking building for Holzminden.


Corten steel shingles installed


metre high


metre-long display window


Architectural office: Anderhalten Architekten GmbH, Berlin

Floor space of entire building: 874.20 square metres

Floor space roof garden: approx. 500 square metres

Lively facade

The 90 cm wide Corten steel shingles interpret the Solling sandstone facades that are common in Holzminden. The irregular curvature of the shingles gives the facade a vibrant appearance that changes depending on the day light. A specially designed lighting concept with 160 backlit shingles ensures that the facade remains impressive even in the dark.

In flow

The interior of the building is in a state of flow. The exhibition area is designed as a continuous, flowing space with a 6% incline (barrier-free) over two floors. The thematic areas of the permanent exhibition “Fragrances and Flavours” can be experienced without interruption on a gentle incline. There are no separate paths or signage for wheelchair users, visitors with prams or people with walking difficulties – there is one path for everyone.

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

Frank Gehry

Experience Center


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