Indian - Smell, Experience and Taste

Indian Spices / Ayurveda

So, 01.12.2024 / 18:00 – 20:00 Uhr

Indian - Smell, Experience and Taste

Flavours from the Sikh empire. Hardly any other cuisine is characterised by such a variety of spices as Indian cuisine. Whether garam masala, turmeric, cardamom or coriander; each spice has its very own flavour and numerous ingredients conceal pure miracle powers. In this seminar, you will get to smell the most important Indian spices, learn interesting facts about their use in food and then savour small samples.

seminar leader

Lions Restaurant - Rajinder Kumar

India, between the Occident and the Far East, with thousands of years of tradition but also with the latest high technology, with bustling cities and unspoilt wilderness, a fascinating country with many faces!

Rajinder Kumar comes from this country. From Nurmahal, a city in Punjab, the former Sikh empire, he has travelled to the Weserbergland. Here, in his restaurant Lion in Höxter, he conjures up the flavours of Indian cuisine.

The secret of Indian cuisine lies in the use of the many different spices that make Indian dishes flavourful, interesting and easily digestible and which Rajinder Kumar knows how to use very well.

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